Awards / Titles 2010


Everyone is a winner at our training center. Many aspire to compete. This is a summary of the awards our students and staff have achieved in 2010.

Obedience Rally Agility Hunt Tests Lure Course Conformation
  4 12    14 11 
High in Trial = 2

High Combined = 2

Beginner Novice = 4

Companion Dog (CD) = 3  

Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) = 3  

Utility Dog (UD) = 2 

Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) =  0

Rally Novice (RN) = 7

Rally Advanced (RA) = 2  

Rally Excellent (RE) = 4 

Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) = 1 

Novice Agility (NA) = 2  

Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ) = 1

Novice Fast (NF) = 1

Open Agility (OA) = 1 

Open Agility Jumpers (OAJ) = 3 

Agility Excellent (AX) = 2

Agility Excellent Jumpers (AXJ) = 1 

Junior Hunter (JH) = 3

Senior Hunter (SH) = 0

Master Hunter (MH) = 1

Junior Courser (JC) = 0

Master Courser (MC) = 0  

Champion (Ch) = 6


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High in Trial

  •  Ron Capelli and Jura
  •  Rachel Hays and Soleil

High Combined

  •  Jennifer Tennison and Lola

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Beginner Novice (BN)

  •  Evalene Miller and Dandi
  •  Terry O'Keefe and Dakota
  •  Terry O'Keefe and Keeley
  •  Kelly Crouch and Wesley

Companion Dog (CD)

  •  Julie Wilson and Rowdy
  •  Becky Evers and Jelly
  •  Terry O'Keefe and Dakota

Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)

  •  Pam Capelli and Brig
  •  Sue Beckage and Nikos
  •  Cathy Caballero and Dora

Utility Dog (UD)

  • Darlene Harper and Miranda
  • Jennifer Tennison and Lola 

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Rally Novice (RN)

  •  Sally Horton and Leilah
  •  Danielle Boles and Freddy
  •  Debbie Ligon and Lucchese
  •  Terry O'Keefe and Dakota
  •  Terry O'Keefe and Keeley
  •  Bill Vollers and Wylie
  •  Deborah Shibley and Basie

Rally Advanced (RA)

  •  Becky Evers and Jelly
  •  Dawn Dutelle and Atlas

Rally Excellent (RE)

  •  Michelle Chasnoff and Teddy
  •  Georgia Xydes and Delphi
  •  Bob Boles and Ray
  •  Karen Hunt and Troy

Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE)

  •  Sue Beckage and Nikos 

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Novice Agility (NA)

  •  Sue Beckage and Nikos 
  •  Sue Beckage and Petra

Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ)

  • Sue Beckage and Nikos

Novice Fast (NF)

  • Sue Beckage and  Petra

Open Agility (OA)

  •  Sue Beckage and Nikos 

Open Agility Jumpers (OAJ)

  •  Sue Beckage and Nikos
  •  Dawn Dutelle and Atlas
  •  Gigi Maris and Roman

Agility Excellent (AX)

  •  Dawn Dutlelle and Atlas
  •  Sue Beckage and Nikos

Agility Excellent Jumpers (AXJ)

  •  Sue Beckage and Nikos

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Junior Hunter (JH)

  •  David Gill and Rhylee
  •  Nancy Troyer and Boss
  •  Darlene Harper and Preacher

Master Hunter (MH)

  •  Darlene Harper and Chablis 

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Junior Courser (JC)


Master Courser


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Champion (Ch)

  •  Irina Sasu and Sinara
  •  Dawn Dutelle and Shane
  •  Sue Beckage and Petra
  •  Jim Merchant and Moose
  •  Deborah Shibley and Basie
  • Nancy Troyer and Boss


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