Day Care

A Day of Play

During the day, our spacious, fun, and climate-controlled facility serves as our doggie playground. Big or little, shy or full of spunk, your dog will give you extra kisses for treating him to a day of playgroup care.

Doggie Day Care Makes 'Scents"

Dogs need to "hang out" with other dogs; they are by nature pack animals. Providing your dog with exercise and social time makes for a happy and healthy dog, and a happy and healthy home.

Our trained and cheerful staff will mix and match visiting canines into small play groups (based on size and play styles)--to let your dog romp and play in a spacious, yet controlled environment. The mental and physical stimulation will leave them content and tired by day's end, and then be ready to unwind at home--just like you are.

Bark at Us When You Need Us

Doggie day care is a service that can fit you and your best friend's needs:

  • Bring your dog regularly for play group and exercise.
  • Expecting guests or contractors at home? Make it easy with a play day instead of having your dog underfoot or crated all day.
  • Going out of town and planning on taking your dog? Drop off your dog for a day of play, and pick-up-and-go after work. Your dog will be ready to face the road trip, and you will get a jump start on your vacation.
  • Combine grooming and training with a playday to keep your weekends and evening hours free.

Mind Your Manners

Does your dog need an obedience refresher? Adding a half hour training session provides practice, reinforcement and reminders of all basic commands and allows us to help with specific problems such as jumping on friends and strangers. Let us know the behavioral help you need--we"ll work with your dog to help improve behavior at home and in social settings.

Play and Pamper

While they are there, treat them to some extra pampering through an appointment in our grooming salon. Our trained staff can clip their nails, provide an invigorating shampoo and a little trim, or a full spa treatment.

Drop-off and Pick-up Times

Monday - Friday 7:00a.m. - 6:30p.m.

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Happy Clients!


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