Full-Service Grooming

A Well-Groomed Dog is a Happy Dog!

Regular bathing and grooming is essential for canine health. Grooming is known to reduce the occurrence of some diseases and medical conditions and is an essential element to a happy relationship between you and your dog. Austin Canine Central's philosophy is about quality and personal touch--not rush and worry. Our experienced grooming staff enjoys doggie pampering, not only with our state-of-the art bathing and grooming equipment, but with lots of hugs and rubs to make the experience enjoyable, comfortable and safe. Your dog will come home clean, smelling fresh and looking sharp!

"Tail"ored Services

Basic Bath:
Includes bath, blow dry, and brush out. (The Three Bs). Prices vary by size of dog and short-hair or long-hair.

Full Service Bath:
Includes bath, blow dry, brush out, nails, and ear cleaning.  Anal glands expressed by request only. Prices vary according to breed.

Full Groom:
Includes bath, blow dry, brush out, nails, ear cleaning, and breed specific haircut. Anal glands expressed by request only. Prices vary according to breed.

Monthly Maintenance Program (MP):
This is for dogs needing regular trimming (sculpted breeds). The dog/owner will be set up to come in every two weeks for a bath and trim. Nominal fee charged over the original full groom fee for the breed.

A la carte:
  • Nail Trim
  • Dematting Service

Reservations, Please
Getting a dog groomed quickly, on short notice is tough sometimes, particularly during the holiday season. Please give us a call ahead of time to secure a time slot. We don't want you to waste the trip (although we would love to see you!), and we want to meet and exceed your expectations without rush.

Special Needs?
Does your dog require prescription shampoo? Bring it in, and we'll do the "dirty work". Dematting needed? Bring the dog in for a discussion. If not too uncomfortable, we can provide this service, but we will also discuss shaving the dog short and begin a regular maintenance treatment.

Quick Check-inGrooming Checkin Form

Click here for our Grooming Check-in Form Filling out the top part and bringing it with you will ease the transition, allowing you to just discuss your dog's special needs and your expectations when you come to the facility. While we've got some business to take care of, we want the focus to be on your dog, and our care and services, not on paperwork!

Drop-off and Pick-up Times

Drop-off is preferred Monday-Friday 7:30a.m.-9:00a.m., or by special appointment. Pick-up is by mutual agreement. Half-day doggie day care packages are also available for extended stay.

Need More Information?
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Quick Check-in Form

Click here for our Grooming Check-in Form

         Grooming Checkin Form

Happy Clients!


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