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Richard Harbin started as a student with Joyce Morgan in 1999 with a male labrador retriever puppy (Tejas) and has been successful in the obedience ring titling Tejas with a CD, CDX, and UD. His CD title was earned with 3 first place awards, and one High in Trial! His UD was also earned with 3 first placements. Richard's second labrador, Katie, earned her CDX with 2 first places before her second birthday. She has earned her Novice Agility and Novice Agility Jumpers titles with all first and second placements. Richard's newest addition, a labrador puppy named Jag, is in training as a puppy. Richard is also active with his dogs in hunter retriever competition. Tejas has his senior hunter (SH) title, with 2 passes towards his master's title, and Katie has her master's (MH). Richard subs in the obedience classes as needed, and "pays the bills". Richard Harbin
Richard Harbin

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Debbie Vogel 

Not so long ago, you could walk into any Canine Agility Trial in the state of Texas; ask for “Peanut’s Mom” and you would enthusiastically be led to Debbie Vogel …… that is, if you didn’t hear her cheering on her dachshunds in the show ring first!

It was “Pretty Boy” Peanut that got Debbie involved in agility.  In 2004 when every ounce of this 6 pound package contained unruly and destructive behavior, Debbie sought out the advice of a behaviorist who put Peanut in an agility class.  Amazed at the turnaround in Peanut’s attitude after being given a job to do, Debbie was hooked on learning all she could about canine behavior.

Though the classes Debbie teaches at ACC are TDAA (Teacup Dog Agility Association) styled, the principles she teaches apply to any agility venue.  Debbie teaches agility from a behavioral point of view, aimed at solidifying the relationship between you and your dog.

And the principles work.  Peanut was named one of the top ten AKC dachshunds in 2007.  Dachshund mix Mariah consistently appeared on the top ten NADAC agility lists from 2008 to 2011, and “Dachsador” puppy Colt had two “High in Trial” designations before a tragic accident took the lives of all of Debbie’s dogs in October 2011.

After a brief period of rebuilding, Debbie is back in the show ring with her new dogs, Genesis and Zorro, and the ribbons are starting to pile up.  But as Debbie would say, it is not about the ribbons. It is about the relationship, and the memories that brings!

Debbie Vogel
Debbie Vogel


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JoAnn Wolf began competing in the obedience ring in 1957.  Since that time, she and her dogs have acquired multiple titles in Obedeince, Agility, Rally, Flyball, Earthdog, Herding and Coursing Ability as well as the breed ring.  Getting teams polished and ready to succeed in the Novice and Beginner Novice ring is JoAnn's focus.  She is an AKC Earthdog judge and a CGC/CGCA/STAR evaluator.  JoAnn coordinates seminars and special events.
JoAnn Wolf
JoAnn Wolf

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Kathryn Butts is an avid competitor in both nosework and barn hunt.  Her scottish terrier, Bentley, was the fifth dog in UKC history to achieve the EN title (Elite Nosework).  Kathryn is a certified official for UKC nosework, and assists with the training for Canine Headquarters Nosework Club in Hutto.  In her daily life, she works in public accounting.  In his daily life, Bentley, sleeps on pillows.
JoAnn Wolf
Kathryn Butts

sit. stay. good dog.
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